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Spend less time managing work and more time doing work

Burndown combines all your work into a flexible and accurate project schedule—without replacing your existing project management tools. You'll finally be able to adapt quickly and see the big picture with clarity.

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First, Add your Projects

Like any good project management tool, Burndown starts with a list of projects.

Next, Add Deliverables

Deliverables are the high-level ideas that make up a project.

Then, Estimate Deliverables

Estimate how long the high-level tasks will take. It's okay to be wrong, the estimate will dial in over time.

Magic! Auto-Schedule Projects

Now the magic starts. The estimates enable Burndown to automatically add estimated completion dates and automatically create a project schedule.

Assign People to the Projects

Now the schedule shows who's working on what and automatically adjusts around vacation schedules. As you expand to more projects and more people, the schedule comes to life showing who's doing what and when.

Prioritize Projects

If your priorities change, the schedule automatically computes the best way to get the work done.

Set Deadlines

Does a project have a due date? Burndown automatically adjusts the schedule, if necessary, to make sure it gets done on time.

Track Progress

As progress is tracked, the schedule and completion dates automatically update. With realtime status info from your team, you won't ever need to bug anyone for a status update again.

See High-Level Problems

Burndown's smart scheduling immediately shows when your priorities, team capacity, or deadlines are in conflict. Instead of spending time in meetings planning your work, let Burndown do it for you.

Spend your time doing work, not managing work!

With Burndown managing your schedule and communicating priorities, you will spend less time managing work and more time getting work done. You’ll have complete visibility into your work schedule at all times. Sign up now to automate your project management!

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